NLP for Agile Communication & Creative Problem Solving (INLPTA Certified Diploma in NLP)

For Managers, Leaders, HR Professionals, Business Consultants & Trainers, Business Owners and Business Coaches

Is this for you?

This course is particulary suitable if you, your organisation or your clients want to overcome any of the following challenges or problems.
  • Wanting to reduce problems arising from poor communication and misunderstanding
  • The need to save time and decrease inefficient working by building and maintaining better relationships
  • Feeling that you might be getting ‘left behind’ in an ever changing world
  • Being ‘stuck’ in problematic thinking

Solutions the course provides

  • Strategies to focus on more of what you really want.
  • Tools and techniques to deal more effectively with ‘difficult’ people.
  • Approaches to discover underlying needs and creatively solve problems.
  • Reduced self-doubt and strengthened resourcefulness and resilience.
  • Language patterns to communicate, motivate and lead others.
  • Confidence in using NLP to enhance the work that you do.

NLP is a powerful methodology for modelling excellence and communicating more effectively (with ourselves and others). Simply put, NLP is a user manual for your brain (and the brains of others). It integrates thought and the nervous system (Neuro), communication and the power of language (Linguistic) and the unconscious habits and patterns we run on (Programming).

The Sugar NLP Business Solutions 4-day ‘NLP for Agile Communication and Creative Problem Solving’ training will move you into a new realm of personal and professional excellence and is designed to ensure you:

Communicate with Greater Agility and Flexibility

  • Get under the skin of what people are saying and what they are NOT saying
  • Use more persuasive / influencing language
  • Help people manage their own behaviour towards successful outcomes
  • Inspire and motivate colleagues and build and maintain staff morale

Gain Powerful People Skills

  • Build rapport quickly
  • Build greater empathy with others
  • Help people work more effectively with each other
  • See scenarios from other people’s perspective

Improve Strategic Focus and Leadership

  • Think more strategically
  • Engage and empathise with colleagues
  • Develop a dynamic, resilient, reactive and adaptable workforce
  • Build personal confidence and self-belief

Develop Creative Solutions to Problems

  • Think innovatively
  • Enhance problem-solving skills
  • Approach problems from different angles

How is the training delivered?

The Sugar NLP Business Solutions ‘NLP for Agile Communication and Creative Problem Solving’ is a four day training program.

What Certification will I receive?


Upon successful completion of the course and the certification criteria you will receive a ‘Diploma in NLP’ Certificate from the International NLP Trainers Association (INLPTA).

What are the certification criteria?

The following must be completed: Attendance at each day of training, completion of the Integration paper, demonstration of behaviourial integration of NLP skills through applying NLP in an ethical and ecological manner.

What is included?

  • 4 days of inspiring and meaningful training that will give you real NLP skills.
  • Certification from INLPTA
  • Full Colour Illustrated Training Manual
  • Instruction from Neal and Ben (both experienced Trainers and Coaches)
  • On-course 1:1 advice, support and coaching
  • Post-course support and development


Next Steps

Please give us a call or email with any questions about whether this is the right training for you.

Sugar NLP run this course as a talored training for organisations. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss setting up a course to meet your needs.