Case Studies and Testimonials

“I wasn’t sure how to solve some of the problems I was facing.” 


Brian manages a hotel employing a large number of staff in a popular tourist location.  He was facing some personal challenges that he wanted to overcome in that he was not a confident public speaker and felt uncomfortable addressing groups of people.  He recognised that this was both holding him back and impeding his ability to communicate properly with staff.  Brian was initially sceptical about the benefits of NLP but was unsure of how else to address the problems he faced.

Brian was amazed at how the different techniques he learnt could be applied. He successfully achieved his primary objective – to overcome his barriers and build his confidence when holding large meetings with staff. In addition, he benefited from learning how to improve his sales techniques, and train his staff to sell to clients more effectively. 

Course Attended: Diploma in NLP
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ulb Moments:  Anchoring, Positive Language Patterns and Perceptual Positions 

“I learned strategies for what I had previously thought were “secrets” in how to implement personal and collective change”

Stephen has been involved in with organisational transformation programmes in both the public and private sector for over 12 years. His proudest achievements during this time occurred when change was been implemented, accepted by the people involved and therefore sustained. He became curious about why this formula wasn’t happening consistently, in particular, the ability to get people to buy into and accept change seemed to be hit and miss. He needed to know more about the human aspect of change and this led him to Sugar NLP. By attending the Sugar NLP Practitioner programme, he learned strategies in how to implement personal and collective change successfully.  Stephen believes there is a direct correlation between the timing of his experience with Sugar NLP and the improved levels of success in the programmes he has been involved with since. Stephen maximised the likelihood of success in your change efforts and continues to enjoy the rewards of the learning he took with Sugar NLP, with the value he gained spreading much further than just his professional career.

Stephen Manley, Head of Transformation, NHS Foundation Trust.
Course Attended: Practitioner in NLP

  “I was looking to learn new skills to help people manage their behaviour”

Alison runs a niche consultancy firm, Plum Consultancy Services Ltd, leading and coaching individuals and companies in managing change and culture.  Having previously worked for large consultancies, Alison was frustrated at the level of theorising about change in business and the lack of practical action and reflection.  She decided she wanted to set up her own business, working more with the behavioural aspects of change, developing leadership support and assisting and enabling organisations to implement and adapt to new working practices.  With this goal in mind, Alison was looking to acquire additional skills and wanted to become more proficient in helping people to practically manage their own behaviours towards successful outcomes.  She experienced an NLP taster session and it gelled well with her business plan. 

Alison found Sugar’s genuine, personable approach appealing and their passion for developing people and understanding how individuals learn aligned well with her own values.  The location of the course in the Lake District was an additional benefit.  Alison was impressed at the number of new, practically transferable skills she learned during the course and the degree to which she could apply them to both her personal and professional life to connect with people.  Professionally, she applies a multitude of NLP techniques when coaching people and found many of the tools powerful and effective with larger groups and teams. Alison found that she was able to apply the learning immediately resulting in new, improved ways of working with individuals, with faster and more sustainable outcomes.

Alison Kilduff – Organisational Development Consultant
Courses Attended: Practitioner of NLP, Master Practitioner of NLP

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