How We Work

Consistent feedback and results often lead people to ask how we deliver inspiring, memorable and impactful courses and “What is it like to be part of a Sugar training?”.

Expected results

You will be able to see instant results.  We will provide you with tools and techniques that can be practically applied on a day-to-day basis to enhance individual and organisational performance.

From Day 1 our training will help you understand yourself and others better. You will begin to communicate more effectively and have a greater degree of control over your own and other’s resourcefulness to help drive momentum of your business. 

We understand the importance that organisational efficiency and innovation have for progressing businesses and maintaining competitiveness.  Our effective, easily applied techniques will enable you to build a more motivated and committed workforce that embraces change and organisational development. 

Training with us will open your eyes to new ways of doing things.  You will learn how to identify innovative, effective solutions to problems and become agile and responsive enough to react effectively to shifting directions.   We can teach you how to be flexible and adaptable in order to respond to constantly changing circumstances, even in the face of limited resources.

Guiding beliefs and values

Passionate About People. We have a passion for developing people and helping them achieve their goals.  Our training empowers people to have faith in their capabilities. We take care to understand our client’s specific problems and desired outcomes so that we can provide them with the most relevant solutions.

Engaging, Active Learning. We understand the importance of making learning interesting and enjoyable for our clients. We pride ourselves on providing interactive, engaging and entertaining training using fresh, unique content and effective learning techniques.

Real World Applications. We design our programmes to ensure they have optimum relevance and practicality. Our training empowers you to make a difference immediately. Both Neal and Ben actively apply NLP with individuals and teams - we use real life corporate examples to bring the learning alive.

Our approach

Practical application. We work hard to deliver training that can be practically applied both within our delegate’s personal and professional lives. You will instantly see how the varied techniques and tools you acquire are easily transferable to real life contexts to help you achieve successful results.

Experience counts. We actively apply NLP with organisations, individuals and groups and bring this experience directly into our trainings.
Ben Dowman
has degrees in Mathematics and Psychology and is an ANLP, ABNLP and INHNLP Accredited NLP and Hypnosis Trainer and qualified Teacher (QTS).
Neal Anderson
holds a Masters in Management is an INLPTA Registered NLP, Coach and Business Communications Trainer, UKCP Registered Psychotherapist, Supervisor and qualified Teacher (QTLS)

Next Steps

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