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NLP Business Solutions

Building versatile, dynamic and intuitive professionals and strong, strategically focused leaders

Since 2005, Sugar NLP has been delivering world-class, time and cost effective, practical training for business professionals working in all sectors. We provide fresh and unique solutions to our clients’ business problems that help build collaborative, motivated, intuitive, goal-focused individuals and organisations.

We understand that the business world is constantly changing.  With this comes an enhanced need for a reactive, dynamic workforce and strong leadership and management skills.  Our NLP Business Solutions can help individuals and organisations acquire the skills that ensure survival and success in an increasingly competitive environment.

Sugar NLP Business Solutions are designed for Managers, Leaders, HR Professionals, Business Coaches, Business Owners and Business Consultants / Trainers

What challenges and problems are many businesses currently facing?

The CIPD’s Learning and Talent Development Annual Survey Report 2011, highlighted the specific leadership skills lacking within organisations. The top five reported leadership skill deficits were:

Performance Management – 54%
Leading and Managing Change – 51%
Leading People and People Management -43%
Coaching and Mentoring Staff – 34%
Business and commercial acumen – 32%

In addition communication and interpersonal skills were seen as lacking by 27% of respondents and motivational skills by 15%.

In 2011, the Chartered Management Institute conducted research with mangers which gives additional insight to the issues currently faced by managers from their own perspective (Future Forecast: Expectations for 2011). 

43% - believe that they do not currently have the right teams in place to meet current business objectives. 
45% - believe their organisation is not fully able to meet its objectives due to poor morale
44% - poor leadership
20% - interpersonal issues 

Many organisations are suffering from a lack of employee motivation and engagement, unsurprising in difficult times, when faced with job insecurity.  A notable portion of managers seem to feel relatively ill-equipped to deal with these challenging circumstances and are looking to acquire skills to enable them to more adequately handle them. 


How can Sugar NLP Business Solutions help?


Training programs with Sugar offer real Business Solutions through the practical application of NLP to solve problems and challenges. Through our training programs we offer skills, strategies and techniques to:

Build strong, effective leadership skills

Successfully implement change

Enhance change management strategies

Communicate effectively and with meaning

Promote a valuable coaching and mentoring culture

Strengthen resourcefulness within organisations

Think more strategically and develop creative solutions

Inspire and motivate colleagues and maintain staff morale

Build dynamic, resilient, reactive and adaptable teams

Fully understand the needs of clients, employees and stakeholders.


Why Sugar NLP?

We are passionate about developing people. With 25 years combined experience, we understand how to successfully apply training.  We can provide you with tools and techniques that will enable you to really connect with individual and organisational needs and help you achieve your business objectives.

What can you expect from Sugar NLP?

  • Value for money
  • A personal, genuine approach
  • An in-depth understanding of your learning needs
  • A challenging but enjoyable and engaging learning experience in a relaxing environment
  • Unique, up-to-date programme content and in-depth knowledge
  • A wide-range of techniques that can be practically applied in real-life contexts

Next Steps

Our clients enjoy training solutions that enhance their personal and professional lives, help them achieve their visions and attain excellence in the business world. We assist individuals to build individual and organisational confidence, resilience and innovation.   If you are looking to make the best of opportunities when they arise and navigate your organisation successfully through challenging times, then we can provide the solution.

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