Who We Work With

Sugar NLP provide cost-effective, flexible training to business owners and leaders, managers, HR professionals, business consultants and trainers who want to enhance their competitive edge and drive organisations forward. Our NLP Business Solutions can help you achieve individual and organisational goals and develop skills essential for success in business.

Our training solutions can help individuals and organisations:

Build, strong, effective leadership skills

Build personal confidence and self-belief
Lead with purpose
Improve resilience and adaptability
Help people manage their behaviour towards successful outcomes
Become more sensitive to surroundings and people around you
Maintain a positive outlook and identify opportunities even in times of adversity

Strengthen resourcefulness within your organisation

Improve strategic focus
Focus activities towards specific objectives

Think more strategically / Develop creative solutions to problems

Think innovatively
Enhance problem-solving skills
Approach problems from different angles
Break down barriers towards flexible, more fluid ways of working
Structure processes / systems effectively

Communicate effectively and with meaning

Build rapport quickly
Get more out of interactions in a short space of time
Enhance ability to communicate and understand needs quicker and more effectively
Use more persuasive / influencing language
Communicate with a range of different audiences in different settings
Enhance negotiation skills

Promote a valuable coaching and mentoring culture

We provide effective coaching solutions to enhance skills in team development, instilling self-belief and confidence in employees, personal development and helping others cope in uncertain times

Build successful Performance and Talent Management and Succession Planning strategies that have real value

Identify individual goals and outcomes and communicate them effectively
Engage employees and enhance their commitment
Empower employees to take control of their future
Clarify organisational strategic goals
Align individual and organisational goals to drive forward the organisation
Demonstrate to individuals their value to the organisation

Successfully implement change / enhance change management strategies

Influence and inspire change
Identify individual’s barriers to change and ways to overcome them
Influence attitudes to ensure organisational change is embraced
Enhance individual and organisational resilience

Inspire and motivate colleagues and build and maintain staff morale

Engage and empathise with colleagues
Help people work more effectively with each other
Instil in others a sense of belief and “can do attitude”
Deal with and resolve fractious situations and / or conflicts
Empower employees to use their own initiative and make decisions

Build a dynamic, resilient, reactive and adaptable workforce

Increase resourcefulness, even under pressurised circumstances
Help people manage their own behaviour towards successful outcomes
Help people deal effectively with complex challenges

Fully understand the needs of their clients, stakeholders and employees

Strengthen relationships
Build greater empathy with others
See scenarios from other people’s perspective
Enable you to get under the skin of what people are saying and what they are NOT saying

Our clients enjoy training solutions that enhance their personal and professional lives, help them achieve their visions and attain excellence in the business world.

If you are looking to build individual and organisational confidence, resilience and innovation, make the best of opportunities when they arise and navigate your organisation successfully through challenging times, then we can provide the solution.


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