What is NLP?

Simply put, NLP is a user manual for your brain.  NLP studies behaviour and language to identify the patterns that result in successful outcomes and enable people to make more and better choices. Some descriptions of NLP include

  • It's about what makes you and others tick
  • It's the route to get the results you want
  • The secret of successful people
  • The way to create your own future
  • Influencing others with integrity
  • It’s the key to learning
  • A structure for modelling excellence
  • To find out more about NLP follow this link.

How many people attend your courses?

Most groups are between 8-16 participants with a maximum of 20 places per course.

What types of people attend your courses?

Our high quality NLP training is open to all. We specialise in developing people in business coaching, development training, outdoor learning, teaching, counselling, therapy, human resources, leadership, management and consultancy.

Are there any pre-requisites for the training?

For our Diploma, NLP Practitioner and Outdoor Learning and Coaching NLP Practitioner courses no previous experience of NLP is required. Having an open and genuine interest in positive change usually helps participants make the most from the training.

Is there any pre-course study?

No. We will offer you some suggested reading and exercises before the course to help you look forward to the training and be ready to get the most from investing your time in learning and developing your skills.

What payment terms do you offer?

You can pay immediately by credit card or BACS. When you book online you can choose to pay immediately or request an invoice for your organisation. If you would like to arrange staged payments please get in touch and we can arrange terms to suit you and us.

How will I be assessed?

The focus of the assessment will be on the process of feedback, learning and integration, not on the issue of "testing." Participants are expected to show progressive skill development over the entire training with the final assessment period being a confirmation of this development and an ability to apply NLP. The assessment criteria of any Sugar course are based on:

  • Attitude (embodiment of the presuppositions of NLP)
  • Content Knowledge (frames, principles, techniques, distinctions)
  • Behavioural Skills (demonstrated integration of leanings)

What on going support do you provide?

Throughout the training period Neal and Ben are available for advice and support. After the training has been completed we offer an email support service and will always do our best to answer questions and offer advice. Additionally we offer a number of short course CPD trainings which may be of interest.

Next Steps

View the International NLP Trainers Association (INLPTA) guidelines for choosing a NLP training provider.