Case Studies and Testimonials

“I feel much better equipped to manage and deal with people on an individual and group level”


Stuart is a full-time freelance Outdoor Development Coach.  His work is primarily face to face with clients in a potentially challenging environment and thus requires a multitude of skills to help coach and enhance the experience. He decided to take the practitioners course to enhance his professional life, acquire a greater depth of “tools to put in the toolbox” and useable strategies and processes.


Stuart found his Sugar NLP course to be extremely valuable with an immense number of outcomes. The course enabled him to meet and network with a new group of likeminded people from all walks of life, learn new skills and deepen his coaching knowledge. For his own development, he feels better able to understand clients and their individual needs by building and sustaining rapport, even throughout challenging experiences. He feels more aware of how to handle a individuals or groups through techniques and models. Particularly useful for him was learning how to match people’s body language and tone / words to lead to a desired outcome.


Stuart Smith – Outdoor Practitioner

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