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NLP Outdoor Learning Solutions

The soft skills training for practitioners who work with individuals and groups

Since 2005, Sugar NLP has been delivering pioneering, cost-effective and enjoyable training for individuals working in all sectors. Recognising the unique training needs of those working in the outdoors, in 2010, we were delighted to launch the worlds first INLPTA certified Outdoor Learning and Coaching NLP Practitioner course and in 2012 we introduced the first INLPTA Outdoor Learning Diploma in NLP. Both these courses are not standard NLP courses adapted for outdoor practitioners, they are NLP training programmes specifically designed for those who work in outdoor learning and coaching. If it's not relevant, it's not in the course!

We provide fresh and unique solutions to outdoor training that help build confident, motivating, intuitive, adaptable and life-affirming outdoor professionals with excellent communication skills.

Sugar NLP Outdoor Learning Solutions are designed for  professional outdoor practitioners, field study officers, instructors, teachers, youth workers, development trainers, outdoor leaders, mountain instructors, and others involved in learning outdoors.

Why Sugar NLP?

We are passionate about developing people. With 25 years combined experience, we understand how to successfully apply NLP.

Both Neal and Ben have many years experience in outdoor learning and coaching at all levels. 

We are delighted to be able to combine our knowledge and experience of NLP with our passion for the outdoors.

What can you expect from Sugar NLP?

  • A love for the outdoors
  • Value for money
  • A personal, genuine approach
  • An in-depth understanding of your learning needs
  • A challenging but enjoyable and engaging experiential learning experience in a relaxing environment
  • Unique, up-to-date programme content and in-depth knowledge
  • A wide-range of techniques that can be practically applied in real-life contexts

Next Steps

Our delegates enjoy training solutions that enhance their personal and professional lives, helping them achieve their visions and attain excellence in the world of outdoor leaning. If you want to expand your fexibility, adaptability and toolbox of skills, then we can provide the solution.

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