INLPTA Outdoor Learning Diploma in NLP

For those who work in outdoor learning and coaching, including professional outdoor practitioners, field study officers, instructors, teachers, youth workers, development trainers, outdoor leaders, mountain instructors, and others involved in learning outdoors.

Is this for you?

This course is particulary suitable for people who can recognise one or several of the following challenges working in the outdoors:
  • A lack of engagement or motivation within groups or individuals in groups
  • Difficulties ensuring the outdoor experience translates into permanent and lasting learning or change
  • Not always feeling confident in your own skills and knowing how best to approach a situation
  • A lack of formal recognition for your skills and experience or lack of a recognised certification demonstrating your abilities and knowledge.

This training is designed to provide the following solutions:

Tools and techniques to deal more effectively with group members who disrupt or challenge the learning process

 Language patterns to communicate, motivate and lead others.

Confidence in using NLP to make you a more effective outdoor professional

Knowledge and understanding of underpinning theories and models for success with groups

Proven models to facilitate and transfer learning at a deep level.

Strategies to manage emotional states that support peak performance.

The Sugar NLP Outdoor Learning 4-day ‘INLPTA Outdoor Learning Diploma in NLP’ training is the training to develop skills in facilitating outdoor learning experiences and coaching individuals and is designed to move you into a new realm of personal and professional excellence.

Outdoor Learning GroupHow is the training delivered?

The Sugar NLP Outdoor Learning Diploma in NLP is practical and hands-on backed up by solid theory and experience.

We use the outdoors environment each day to take what we are learning into a context where you will be using it.

What is included?

  • 4 days of Interactive and dynamic training.
  • Comprehensive full colour illustrated NLP manual.
  • Instruction from 2 very experienced development trainers and outdoor facilitators.
  • Demonstrations and lots of practice.
  • Certification by INLPTA (successful participants will be required to demonstrate applying the NLP attitude, content knowledge and behavioural skills with themselves and others).
  • Post-Course telephone support.
  • Invitation to Sugar NLP Refresh and Develop events

What Certification will I receive?

INLPTA SealUpon successful completion of the course and the certification criteria you will receive a ‘Diploma in NLP’ Certificate from the International NLP Trainers Association (INLPTA)

What are the certification criteria?        

In order to receive Certification from INLPTA at Diploma level, the following must be completed: attendance at each day of training; completion of the Integration paper; demonstration of behaviourial integration of NLP skills.

Next Steps

Please give us a call or email with any questions about whether this is the right training for you. If you already know this course will meet your needs then follow the link below to book your place.

Next Course

Our next Diploma courses have a focus on "Creative Problem Solving and Agile Communication." Follow this link to find out more and book.