INLPTA Outdoor Learning and Coaching
Practitioner of NLP


This is the first INLPTA certificated course specifically designed for those who work in outdoor learning and coaching, including Outdoor development trainers, Senior / Lead instructors, Facilitators of experiential learning, Youth workers and Outdoor Learning Lecturers.

Is this for you?

This course is particulary suitable for people who can recognise one or several of these challenges working in the outdoors.
  • Problems with motivation, disruption or lack of engagement
  • Feeling held back by needing more approaches to ensure the outdoor experience always translates into permanent and lasting learning or change
  • A need to the influence and maximise the involvement of other people (visiting staff, clients, colleagues or senior management)
  • A lack of formal recognition for your skills and experience or lack of a recognised certification to demonstrate your abilities and knowledge.
  • A vague sense that something is missing from what would otherwise be consistently powerful program delivery
  • Issues ensuring clients needs are fully understood and translated into outdoor experiences that impact lives beyond the duration of the outdoor experience

The Outdoor Learning and Coaching NLP Practitioner is packed full of powerful skills, tools and techniques to make you a more effective outdoor professional and move you into a new realm of excellence.

This training is designed to provide the following solutions:

Understanding others better and Communicating more effectively and with greater flexibility

Coaching 1-1 Performance and Change in the Outdoors

Facilitating Powerful and Lasting Outdoor Learning Experiences

Creating Transformational Adventurous and Therapeutic Outdoor Experiences

Learning skills to become a more effective outdoor professional

Understanding underpinning theories and models for success with groups

Applying proven models to facilitate learning at a higher level.


Understanding others better and communicating more effectively and with greater flexibility

One of the most highly valued skills of a Practitioner in Outdoor Learning is the ability to communicate to an individual and group. NLP offers a great set of tools to enable practitioners to listen and clearly offer instruction, support, motivation or coaching to individuals or groups and help them to learn and achieve their goals.

The core skills of NLP are usually covered at a Diploma in NLP training – a prerequisite to attending the INLPTA Outdoor Learning and Coaching Practitioner of NLP course.

Coaching 1-1 Performance and Change in the Outdoors

Most outdoor learning practitioners are involved in 1-1 work with people, either as part of personalised teaching or as part of a group outdoor experience where a group member requires individual attention. Coaching is a partnership where the coach helps a client reach a higher level of performance, learning or satisfaction and many 1-1 conversations with group members could be enhanced by drawing on coaching approaches to accelerate the progress an individual makes.

NLP tools can equip the outdoor professional with a range of coaching approaches to help people find solutions, improve their performance and solve issues or problems they face.

  • Learn the simple, super effective Sugar NLP Coaching Model and the 3 phases that are necessary for any coaching intervention.
  • Learn how to apply the coaching model to skill acquisition (e.g. coaching lead climbing or coaching paddling rapids).
  • Learn how to apply the coaching model to behaviour coaching (e.g. helping a young person interact with other group members differently or coaching someone to respond differently in a team).
  • Learn how to apply the coaching model to life situations (e.g. helping a young person apply their learning to a home situation or coaching someone to be more confident in themselves)
  • Learn the Meta Model precision questioning and find out what is really going on when someone says “I can’t” , It’s not possible” or “It’s boring”
  • Find out how to change unwanted states or feelings, remove anxiety about taking part in an activity or help a group member change a feeling that is holding them back.
  • Become more effective at using a group’s resourceful feelings after an activity and linking them to other situations in their lives to create a lasting effect.
  • Learn how using Association and Dissociation can help someone disconnect from unhelpful or unresourceful feelings and connect to useful and powerful resources, feelings and situations.
  • Learn the Resource Triangle – a simple 3 step process to use with individuals or groups to create powerful positive change.
    Uncover the internal coding system for the mind and ways to alter perception.
  • Change limiting beliefs such as “I can’t do that” or “I’m not good enough” and remove blocks which hold you or someone else back.
  • Learn secrets of powerful Visualisation for new skills. Research shows that immediate rehearsal leads to faster uptake and repeated rehearsal cements learning in place more permanently.
  • Teach your own students how to visualise so that when they can’t be climbing or paddling they can still be progressing.
  • Gain skills to track the trigger of a problem and how to find out what really starts it, e.g. when someone gets scared lead climbing where does the anxiety really begin, at home, en route, arriving at the crag.
  • Discover how to find the trigger and re-train it to produce a new response.
  • Understand how to build new strategies to give someone better choices in their life
  • Use the NLP Fast Phobia Model to deal with extreme fears (like heights or water) where someone has a phobic response to something.
  • Use the New Behaviour Generator to train the mind to effectively do new things and specific skills e.g. rolling a kayak or paddling a particular rapid.

Facilitating Powerful and Lasting Outdoor Learning Experiences

For most people working in the outdoors there is a magic and inspiration that comes from connecting with the natural environment and visiting outdoor locations. This may be an experience that has powerful feelings attached to it and many people describe it as spiritual. Be able to share this power and connection to nature with groups is not always easy and NLP provides a number of tools to engage groups, to motivate them to learn and to alter perspectives and attitudes.

By engaging different learners, using metaphors, symbols and stories to enhance learning and altering perspectives you can breathe a new depth into your work.

  • Use the 4Mat System to turbo-charge presentations, teaching and training and become a better presenter and communicator – this is the very system we use to teach all our courses.
  • Apply the 4Mat system to engage all the group members and meet their learning needs and ensure everyone is motivated and taking part.
  • Learn the Milton Model of influencing language to persuade and motivate groups and individuals.
  • Become more effective at making meaningful and impactful speeches at the beginning and end of programmes
  • Use the swish pattern to upgrade identity after powerful outdoor experiences. Connect people to their learning and upgrade WHO they are now.
  • Learn how Reframing can be used to change perspectives about a situation and provide new ways of thinking both for yourself and the people you work with.
  • Learn the art of telling stories, whether round the campfire, in the hut, to start the day or to frame a review. Discover how to make stories entertaining and powerful.
  • Design stories to teach information, convey ideas and change attitudes, thinking and mindsets.
  • Use Metaphors to help people draw meaning from different situations and the experiences they have and make the outdoor environment a more powerful learning experience.


Creating Transformational Adventurous and Therapeutic Outdoor Experiences

The Outdoors is a fantastic medium for change on a personal level and as practitioners we are often called on to help people develop their belief in their abilities and in themselves and ultimately change their self-concept. By letting go of the old habitual patterns of behaviour new opportunities can present themselves as we help people step into and embrace their new identity.

NLP tools skilfully applied help people make fast, effective, therapeutic change.

  • Learn the tips of integrating NLP with powerful outdoor experiences to help people upgrade their identity and deepen their self esteem
  • Become more advanced at using the outdoors and nature symbolically and maximise growth through sophisticated use of symbolism and the natural world that people relate to personally.
  • Practice how to build trust and communication between conscious and unconscious minds in order to connect with your deeper purpose and harness natural energy and motivation
  • Learn how to help people use their inner creativity when they say “I want to stop____” and help to change an unwanted habit or behaviour
  • Learn how to assist someone to resolve an internal conflict like “A part of me really wants to do this but on the other hand I’m feeling very scared about it”
  • Discover how you store time and remove blocks from the past that might limit you now
  • Learn the secret of how to set future goals that a person really believes will happen and is committed to taking the next steps to make it happen
  • Learn the 4 essential steps to introduce a relaxed and open state in a group. Practice leading a group visualisation to transfer learning.


Sugar NLP Outdoor Learning Hut

How is the training delivered?

This 3 module, 12 day training is the pinnacle of NLP training for Outdoor Learning and Coaching practitioners and brings together the best of traditional NLP Practitioner content with specific techniques and approaches suitable for those involved in outdoor learning and coaching. Modules 1 and 3 are held in the Lake District and Module 2 is based at Plas y Brenin in North Wales.

What are the pre-requisites?

Diploma in NLP

What Certification will I receive?

Successful completion of the assessment on module 3 leads to being awarded INLPTA certification as an Outdoor Learning and Coaching NLP Practitioner. This is the first course of its kind worldwide to be certified by the International NLP Trainers Association – an international world-wide active NLP-Trainer and NLP-Coach Association dedicated to quality, professionalism and ethics. Successful participants will also be awarded NLP Practitioner certificates from ABNLP and INHNLP.

What are the certification criteria?

Certification takes place during the final 2 days of the course and involves demonstrating proficiency in NLP skills and abilities with underpinning knowledge of NLP principles and techniques. Following a consolidation period after module 2 during which time learners are given 1:1 support and coaching the final two days provide a platform for individuals to integrate, demonstrate and celebrate their learning. Essential to the assessment process is high quality feedback to ensure course participants are fully confident to apply NLP in an effective and ethical way.

Specifically, the INLPTA Outdoor Leaning and Coaching NLP Practitioner Certification will require learners to demonstrate their ability to:

  • Work within an outcome frame
  • Establish and maintain states of resourcefulness
  • Establish and maintain rapport
  • Respect and pace other people's models of the world
  • Demonstrate effective and ecological change work
  • Perform timely effective 1:1 coaching interventions
  • Cross-contextualise and effectively future-pace learning from experience
  • Demonstrate awareness, ability and flexibility to change a groups state
  • Use deductive and inductive approaches to meet learning outcomes
Certification requirements are the successful completion of the following:
  • Written assessment for intellectual competence
  • Behavioural assessment for behavioural competence
  • Consolidation period recording experience applying NLP skills, tools and techniques
  • Working with a minimum of 20 groups for sessions of 3hs or longer
  • Providing a minimum of 10 contracted coaching sessions of 30mins or longer
  • A reflective journal and development log

What is included?

  • 3 modules, 12 Days live experiential training.
  • Certification from INLPTA
  • Full Colour 130 page Training Manual
  • Specifically designed course with a focus on knowledge, understanding and application of NLP to Outdoor Learning and Coaching
  • 2 Inspiring classroom and outdoor locations, overnight mountain expedition
  • Instruction from Neal and Ben (both experienced Outdoor Trainers and Coaches)
  • On-course 1:1 advice, support and coaching
  • Training and logbook consolidation period
  • Personal 1:1 coaching sessions and individual assessment
  • Post-course support and development

What are people saying about this course?

"Fantastic. Great if you like theory or practice as you get both"

"I'll take away loads of reflection and integrating new knowledge into present therapy work"

"I most enjoyed all the demonstrations and the interactive content"

"Great trainers - different styles are a positive"

"This is the course for you if you want to get even more out of your life"

"An incredible experience which far out-weighed my original expectation"

"Good banter and witty style"


Next Steps

Please give us a call or email with any questions about whether this is the right training for you. Our next open course is likely to run in 2014 (we have recently completed our Spring 2013 training). Do get in touch if you would like to arrange a tailored programme at your Centre.

If you are not yet ready for the full Practitioner training, join us on the next INLPTA Outdoor Learning Diploma in NLP.