Who We Work With

Sugar NLP provide unique, outcome focused training to all individuals within the outdoor learning and coaching industry who want to progress personally and professionally and work more effectively with their clients, students, delegates and groups. This includes professional outdoor practitioners, field study officers, instructors, teachers, youth workers, development trainers, outdoor leaders, mountain instructors, and others involved in learning outdoors.

Our training solutions will help you

  • Understand others better
  • Communicate more effectively and with greater flexibility
  • Coach 1-1 performance and change in the outdoors
  • Facilitate powerful and lasting outdoor learning experiences
  • Create transformational adventurous and therapeutic outdoor experiences
  • Learn skills to become a more effective outdoor professional
  • Understand underpinning theories and models for success with groups
  • Apply proven models to facilitate learning at a higher level
Understanding others better and Communicating more effectively and with greater flexibility

One of the most highly valued skills of a Practitioner in Outdoor Learning is the ability to communicate to an individual and group. NLP offers a great set of tools to enable practitioners to listen and clearly offer instruction, support, motivation or coaching to individuals or groups and help them to learn and achieve their goals.

Coaching 1-1 Performance and Change in the Outdoors

Most outdoor learning practitioners are involved in 1-1 work with people, either as part of personalised teaching or as part of a group outdoor experience where a group member requires individual attention. Coaching is a partnership where the coach helps a client reach a higher level of performance, learning or satisfaction and many 1-1 conversations with group members could be enhanced by drawing on coaching approaches to accelerate the progress an individual makes. NLP can equip the outdoor professional with a range of coaching approaches to help people find solutions, improve their performance and solve issues or problems they face.

Facilitating Powerful and Lasting Outdoor Learning Experiences

For most people working in the outdoors there is a magic and inspiration that comes from connecting with the natural environment and visiting outdoor locations. This may be an experience that has powerful feelings attached to it and many people describe it as spiritual. Being able to share this power and connection to nature with groups is not always easy and this module provides a number of tools to engage groups, to motivate them to learn and to alter perspectives and attitudes.  By using NLP to engage different learners, using metaphors, symbols and stories to enhance learning and altering perspectives, you can breathe a new depth into your work.

Create Transformational Adventurous and Therapeutic Outdoor Experiences

The Outdoors is a fantastic medium for change on a personal level and as practitioners we are often called on to help people develop their belief in their abilities and in themselves and ultimately change their self concept. By letting go of the old habitual patterns of behaviour new opportunities can present themselves as we help people step into and embrace their new identity. There are a powerful set of NLP tools designed to help people make fast, effective, therapeutic change and maximise the outdoor experience.


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