Case Studies and Testimonials

“I wanted to learn additional techniques that would enhance my counselling skills”

Jane works as a counsellor and personal coach and took a NLP Practitioner training to give her more tools and techniques to help her clients make the changes they wanted. She found the language patterns in the Meta Model and Milton Model gave a deeper understanding of the structure of language and how clients represented their problems. She found the NLP Sub-modalities techniques particularly useful to change limiting beliefs and states. Gaining an understanding of Hypnosis and being able to use this with clients expanded her tool box to allow her to begin Life Coaching.

“I wanted to learn how I could use the way people perceive me as the trainer to communicate the right messages”

Louise works as self-employed consultant and trainer and additionally has a background in counselling.  Her interest in NLP was triggered coming into contact with people who used NLP techniques in a training capacity.  As a trainer, Louise has always been conscious of the importance of delivery style in communicating the right messages to people.  She wanted to hone these skills, gaining a deeper understanding of the behaviours that equate to successful training delivery and develop her ability to communicate effectively both at a personal and professional level. 

Louise was impressed by the quick, personal response she received from Sugar NLP following initial contact. She felt real care was taken to understanding exactly what she needed from the training and how they could offer the solution.  Louise came away from the course having learnt a number of practical tricks and techniques to enhance her performance as a trainer and different ways of influencing and focussing people during training.  In addition, the course spurred her on to return to this earlier profession, with her now back in private practice seeing counselling clients.  She recognised instantly NLP’s value in understanding the drivers of people’s attitudes and values, the subtleties of behaviour, and how to use this knowledge to influence positive change in people.     

Louise Close – Self-employed Consultant and Counsellor

“I needed to start approaching things in new ways to get better results”

Dave is an assistant head teacher at a large comprehensive school and specialises in dealing with challenging behaviour and working with young people and their parents to resolve issues. Before the NLP Practitioner training he wasn’t getting the results he wanted and found that Rapport and Pacing and Leading revolutionised his approach. As he discovered precision questioning through the Meta Model, Dave felt he really had new tools to take back to school to use with pupils and share with colleagues. During the training Dave also had a personal bonus as he was cured of his Phobia of snakes.>


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