NLP Refresh and Develop

We believe that the road to excellence comes from action, feedback and reflection. To help people develop themselves further we are pleased to offer a variety of options to inspire you with new approaches, gain feedback or discover the space for meaningful reflection on your practice.

Assisting or Reviewing on a Sugar NLP Training

We are very keen to support your ongoing development and have a limited amount of places on each courses for previously certified NLP'ers. Give us a call or email if you'd like to assist or review our training.

Assisting on a Sugar NLP course gives you a new perspective on the training and even more NLP practice and experience in exchange for your help in running the course. To assist you must have been a course member with us on the course you would like to assist on. To start the ball rolling, email us and tell us why you would like to assist on the training and what you can offer the training in return.

Perhaps you completed your NLP training a while ago and want experience high quality, modern and up to date training as a participant again. You are welcome to review the training for a 50% reduction on the course fees. Email a copy of your certificate to us and let us know which course you'd like to book on and we'll send you your  50% discount code.

NLP Informed Coach Training, Therapeutic Training and CPD Events

valley training Neal offers regular INLPTA certified coach training, therapeutic training, CPD events and workshops designed for people who want to bring the best out of themselves and others.

Find out more about Certified Coach (4 days, INLPTA Certified), Master Coach (16 days, INLPTA Certified), 3 Fish, One Tree and the Art of Metaphor (3 Days), Coach Development (Supervision) Days, and other events at his website

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