Master Practitioner of NLP
Certified by Sugar NLP

The Sugar NLP Master Practitioner course focuses on flexibility, effectiveness, impact and change and is ideal for managers, coaches, consultants, and trainers.

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10 days of learning between December 2020 and March 2021
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Is this for you?

YES, if any of the following are true for you...
  • You don't like having a lack of options for communication and influence, or are limited by strategies that don't always work.
  • You are frustrated by change taking too long, learning being too slow or results not being as powerful as they could be.
  • You recognise that your Practitioner training was a powerful experience but you sometimes feel limited by not knowing the whole picture of NLP.
  • You don’t want to be left behind in your own development.

The Sugar NLP Master Practitioner Training is THE NLP training for truly releasing the potential in yourself and others, deepening your understanding of NLP, developing mastery within NLP, becoming more powerful and elegant as a communicator and integrating NLP in your work and life.  Chosen to bring you the best in traditional NLP Master Practitioner content and as well as new cutting edge techniques, our focus is on teaching you how to apply NLP for yourself and with others to increase choice, make changes, learn through experience and fulfill potential.

More specifically, this course is designed to provide the following solutions:
Tools to manage, inspire and lead others to achieve desired outcomes.
Options that reveal the underlying concerns of people, teams or stakeholders.
Strengthened personal resourcefulness and the ability to build resilience in others.

Proven models of personal, systemic and cultural change.

Enhanced skills to communicate and present with impact and elegance.

Increased creativity and innovation in personal and organisational leadership.
A deeper understanding of NLP that will ‘join the dots’ and give you more tools, more techniques and greater flexibility.

On the Sugar NLP Master Practitioner training you will;

Communicate effectively with impact and elegance
  • Develop linguistic excellence using a range of styles and approaches
  • Adapt your message to influence different audiences in different settings
  • Become more sensitive to surroundings and the people around you
  • Identify individual goals and outcomes and communicate them effectively
  • Fully understand the needs of their clients, stakeholders and employees
  • Demonstrate to individuals their value within an organisation
Powerfully enhance your people skills
  • Create deeper rapport by identifying drivers and unconscious filters
  • Engage people and enhance their commitment and drive
  • Deal with and resolve fractious situations or conflicts
  • Learn effective coaching solutions to instill self-belief, a “can do attitude” and confidence in others
  • Help people cope in uncertain times and work more effectively with each other
Improve strategic focus and leadership
  • Clarify organisational strategic goals and improve strategic focus
  • Build, strong, effective personal leadership skills
  • Develop creativity and innovation
  • Align individual and organisational goals to drive forward a team or organisation
  • Inspire, motivate, build and maintain morale
  • Build a dynamic, resilient, reactive and adaptable approach
Manage and inspire personal and cultural change effectively
  • Influence and inspire change
  • Identify individuals’ barriers to moving forward and generate ways to overcome them
  • Influence attitudes to ensure cultural change is embraced
  • Successfully implement change / enhance change management strategies

Strengthen resourcefulness, build resilience, solve problems

  • Break down barriers towards flexible, more effective ways of working
  • Think more strategically and develop creative solutions to problems
  • Understand how to strengthen resourcefulness within teams and organisations
  • Maintain a positive outlook and identify opportunities even in times of adversity
  • Enhance individual and organisational resilience
  • Increase your own resourcefulness, even under pressurised circumstances

sheepHow is the training delivered?

The Sugar NLP Master Practitioner of NLP training can help you achieve your personal goals and enable you to help others achieve theirs. You will deepen and expand your understanding and skills essential for high performance and personal fulfilment.

What are the pre-requisites?

Certification as Practitioner of NLP.

What certification is available?

Upon successful completion of the course and the certification criteria you will receive a ‘Master Practitioner of NLP’ Certification.

What are the certification criteria?

The NLP Master Practitioner Certification process follows the guidelines from the major schools of NLP. Assessment will take place on the final day of each course and involves demonstrating mastery in NLP skills and abilities with thorough underpinning knowledge of NLP principles and techniques. The assessment criteria are based on:

Attitude (embodiment of the presuppositions of NLP)
Content Knowledge (frames, principles, techniques, distinctions)
Behavioural Skills (demonstrated integration of learnings)

Participants are expected to show progressive skill development over the entire training with the final assessment period being a confirmation of this development and an ability to apply NLP in an ethical and ecological manner. This is demonstrated through a presentation and completion of a written Integration paper.

What is included?

  • Pre-course pack & reading suggestions
  • 10 days of live training
  • Personal attention in a small group (we allow a maximum of 12 places per course)
  • Comprehensive Master Practitioner NLP manual
  • Instruction from 2 experienced trainers & coaches
  • Interactive and dynamic training
  • Post-Course telephone support

What are people saying about this course?

Quite easily the best training I have ever been on"

"Both Ben and Neal are excellent trainers with very complementary styles. Thank you both for giving your all and more.”

"Well delivered, great materials, very enjoyable, great tools and techniques. Thoroughly recommended."

"I will take away a much deeper understanding of unconscious processes... a fantastic coaching model which has a real resonance with me... can't wait to use it!! Storytelling... a realisation of the importance of releasing and resolving negative emotions... and that the best coaches need coaching too!"


Next Steps

Please give us a call or email with any questions about whether this is the right training for you.

Sugar NLP run this course as a talored training for organisations. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss setting up a course to meet your needs.