Who We Work With

Sugar NLP provides unique, outcomes focussed training to all individuals wanting to enhance their self-awareness and understanding of others either in their personal and professional lives. Our NLP Skills Training solutions are designed for therapists, counsellors, healthcare professionals or individuals seeking personal development.  

We can help you achieve your personal goals and enable you to help others achieve theirs.  You will develop skills essential for success and personal fulfilment in your chosen field.

Our training solutions will help you:

Communicate effectively and with meaning

Build rapport quickly with individuals from different backgrounds
 Get more out of one to one interactions
 Enhance ability to communicate and understand needs quicker and more effectively
 Use more persuasive / influencing language
 Communicate with a range of different audiences in different settings

Motivate and empower people in any given scenario

Identify individual goals and outcomes and communicate them effectively
Build empathy
Engage individuals and enhance their commitment
Empower individuals to take control
Demonstrate to individuals their value
Instil a “can do attitude”

Build new strategies to give people more and better choices

Identify realistic and achievable goals for yourself and your clients
Approach new ways of doing things
Break down barriers to clear pathways

Successfully implement / lead behavioural change

Influence and inspire change
Identify individual’s barriers to change and ways to overcome them
Influence attitudes to ensure organisational change is embraced
Enhance individual and organisational resilience

Enhance personal resilience

Increase resourcefulness, even under pressurised circumstances
Deal with and help others deal effectively with complex challenges

Successfully influence behaviour towards positive outcomes

Influence and inspire
Identify individual’s barriers and ways to overcome them
Influence attitudes and beliefs
Enhance individual resilience

Fully understand the needs of clients and colleagues

Strengthen relationships
Build greater empathy with others
See scenarios from other people’s perspective
Enable you to get under the skin of what people are saying and what they are NOT saying


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